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Tanie loty z Shanghai do Hanoi

Tanie loty z Shanghai do Hanoi

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Podane ceny dotyczą biletu dla 1 osoby dorosłej wraz z podatkami i opłatami.(As ticket fares can change frequently, these advertised prices are for reference only. The actual prices will be shown at time of booking.)

Informacje o lotach z miasta Shanghai do miasta Hanoi

Poniżej znajdują się często zadawane o to połączenie pytania:
  • Kiedy mogę zarezerwować najtańsze bilety lotnicze Shanghai do Hanoi?

    Linie lotnicze zmieniają ceny biletów zależnie od dnia i godziny rezerwacji lotu. Po przeanalizowaniu danych ze wszystkich linii lotniczych doszliśmy do wniosku, że bilety lotnicze z Shanghai do Hanoi najlepiej jest rezerwować we wtorki, środy i soboty.

  • Jakie inne linie lotnicze obsługują loty z Shanghai do Hanoi?

    Linie lotnicze obsługujące loty z Shanghai do Hanoi to między innymi Vietnam Airlines,China Eastern Airlines.

  • Ile lotnisk znajduje się w Hanoi?

    Liczba lotnisk w Hanoi to 1 – Noi Bai International Airport.

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  • Trasa lotnicza:

    SHA ✈ HAN

Rozkład lotów z Shanghai do Hanoi

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z Shanghai do Hanoi-----F-Szukaj
Flight from Shanghai (SHA) to Hanoi (HAN)

Hanoi is the vibrant capital city of Vietnam. This city has developed and transformed well while preserving its Old Quarter, centuries-old monuments as well as colonial architecture. Pristine lakes, shady boulevards, lush green parks, and more than 600 ancient temples and pagodas add to the beauty of this city. Its picturesque streets filled with bustling shops, scooters passing by, amid the blaring horns of the vehicles. Vietnam, just like any other city in Asia, has changed rapidly but the heart of its history and culture you will only find it in Hanoi. This city is a major tourist destination and receives millions of visitors every year.

Tip: The most economical way to travel around Hanoi is by public transport.

Getting There

Ná»™ I Bài International Airport (HAN) is the largest airport in Vietnam in terms of capacity that serves Hanoi. It is also the second busiest airport in Vietnam. Many airlines offer direct flights to Hanoi from Shanghai. You can check out one of the 22 flights operating weekly to book Shanghai to Hanoi flights. The average flying time for flights from Shanghai to Hanoi will be around 6 hours. The 7 best airlines offering direct flights are ANA, Air Macau, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Eva Air, Hong Kong Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines, which are very popular.

Tip: Since Hanoi is a busy tourist destination, book your flight atleast two months in advance to avail the best flight and discount options.

What to See 

Hanoi is considered as the most dynamic city in Vietnam. You can witness this through its modern architecture that exists along with its centuries-old monuments and exciting nightlife that it has to offer. Visit Bach Ma Temple, the oldest temple in Hanoi, nestled in the old Quarter of the city that was built in the 11th century. Learn about the history of the Vietnamese culture and language in the Museum of Ethnology. You will surely have a moving experience here. 

Take a boat tour on the West Lake and soak in the beautiful view of the city from the river. You will get to see Tran Quoc pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple which is located in the middle of the lake on a small island. Make sure that you visit and take in the city views from Long Bien Bridge. Learn about the history, culture as well as the French colonial period and the Vietnam War of the country in the National Museum of Vietnamese History. Visit to admire the beautiful architecture of Lotte Tower Observation Deck and enjoy the breathtaking views from the 65th floor of the building.

Some of the other places to visit are Hoan Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Thafng Long Imperial Citadel, One Pillar Pagoda, Hoa Lo Prison Memorial and Temple of the Jade Mountain.

Tip: The weather in Hanoi is either dry, hot and humid or rainy. Make sure that you check the weather as per your travel date and pack accordingly.

Where to Dine, Shop & Stay

Hanoi, being the cultural heart of the country is known for the best Vietnamese food. Try out local cuisine like Banh Cuon (steamed rice paper rolls), Bun Oc(snail noodle soup), Lau (Vietnamese hot-pot), Hanoi-style barbecue, Bun ca (noodle soup with fish).

Chim Sao, VIETNAMESE Bun Cha 34 are the trendiest restaurants if budget is not a constraint. If you are looking for cheap restaurants or street food go to Old District. La Badiane is to enjoy the continental food options.

For budget accommodations, the best areas to search for accommodation are Hoan Kiem, Hanoi’s commercial center, and the Old Quarter where most prominent attractions can be easily accessible on foot. These places house charming colonial architecture, art galleries, boutique shops, street markets, and Buddhist temples. For high-end and luxury hotels go for hotels and resorts in The French Quarter on the south of Hanoi. It hosts most of the city’s luxury hotels, upmarket shopping malls, financial institutions, government offices, and embassies.

You will get all kinds of things in Hanoi from local products to an international brand. Visit Hang Gai street which is the most popular market in the city for local goods especially silk. Old District has some excellent stores and malls if you are looking to buy international products. You can get things like green rice flakes, lotus tea, assorted dried fruits, Banh Cha, ceramics and potteries, lacquer paintings, silk clothing, and embroidered clothing in Hanoi.

Tip: Vietnam is known for coffee and you can try some at the famous Giang Café or buy some coffee at the local market in Hanoi.

On you will get options for cheap flights from Shanghai all year long for any country. They have amazing deals that you can use for your Shanghai to Hanoi flight booking by using their user-friendly website.

Loty w obie strony vs loty w jedną stronę z Shanghai do Hanoi

Zazwyczaj nie ma dużych różnic w cenach między biletami w obie strony a biletami w jedną stronę. Główną zaletą zakupienia biletu w jedną stronę z Shanghai do Hanoi jest zwiększona elastyczność. Jednak rezerwacja biletu w obie strony jest prostsza. Możesz porównać loty w jedną stronę i w obie strony przy użyciu naszej porównywarki lotów.

Podróż z Shanghai do Hanoi

Hanoi co roku przyciąga tysiące odwiedzających zarówno w celach służbowych, jak i rekreacyjnych. Planowanie podróży z Shanghai do Hanoi jest łatwe, gdy korzystasz z witryny Z możesz wyszukiwać dostępne loty i pokoje hotelowe, a następnie szybko i łatwo rezerwować je przez Internet.

Niezapomniana podróż

Twoja podróż z Shanghai może stać się niezapomniana, jeśli przed przylotem skorzystasz z witryny, aby wyszukać najlepsze atrakcje w mieście. Wiedząc na co możesz natrafić w miejscu, do którego podróżujesz, możesz z wyprzedzeniem dokonać wszelkich koniecznych rezerwacji, co uczyni Twoją podróż jeszcze przyjemniejszą.