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Tanie loty do Busan

Masz na myśli Loty z miasta Busan?

Często zadawane pytania (FAQ) dot. lotów do miasta Busan

  • Jakie zasady dla podróżnych wprowadzono w mieście Pusan w związku z pandemią COVID-19?

    Ograniczenia w podróżowania, grafiki lotów oraz odwołania są często aktualizowane i zmieniane. Jeśli planujesz podróż dla miasta Pusan, uzyskaj najświeższe informacje u przewoźnika, u którego chcesz kupić bilety. Więcej informacji znajdziesz także w artykule COVID-19: Ograniczenia w podróżowaniu według krajów/regionów .
  • Którzy przewoźnicy oferują bezpłatną zmianę daty lotu do tego miasta w trakcie pandemii COVID-19?

    Żaden z przewoźników oferujących loty do tego miasta nie świadczy tej usługi. Informacja ta ma charakter poglądowy – zalecamy potwierdzenie jej u przewoźnika przed zarezerwowaniem biletów.
  • Ile średnio kosztuje bilet lotniczy na trasie Polska – Pusan?

    Przeciętna cena biletu do miasta Pusan wynosi 222 zł. Potraktuj tę cenę orientacyjnie.
  • Jak mogę rezerwować tańsze bilety?

    Możesz rezerwować tańsze loty w następujący sposób:
    • Szukaj biletów do miasta/lotniska w pobliżu Pusan.
    • Sprawdź ofertę różnych przewoźników latających do miasta Pusan.
    • Porównaj ceny wylotów w różnych dniach tego samego miesiąca.
    • Filtruj różne godziny wylotu w tym samym dniu.
    • Szukaj zniżek na profilach społecznościowych.
    • Odwiedzaj strony przewoźników w poszukiwaniu promocji i zniżek.
  • W którym miesiącu miasto Pusan jest najchętniej odwiedzane?

    Wiedząc, kiedy zaczyna się, a kiedy kończy sezon turystyczny w mieście Pusan, możesz łatwiej zaplanować podróż. wrzesień to najpopularniejszy miesiąc na wizytę w mieście Pusan. Średnia cena lotów do miasta Pusan w wrzesień wynosi 222 zł.
  • Kiedy loty do miasta Pusan są najtańsze?

    Bilety lotnicze do miasta Pusan są najtańsze w wrzesień, a przeciętna cena wynosi 222 zł.
  • What are some popular attractions in Busan?

    Busan has many attractions to offer: Gwangan Catholic Church (8km from downtown) Seongjusa (7km from downtown) Olivetan Benedictine Sisters of Busan (7km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.
Flights to Busan (PUS)

Busan, the second-largest populated city in South Korea is home to some of the finest educational, cultural and economic activities in South Korea. This, in turn, makes Busan the busiest city in the country and the fifth busiest city in the world. It was previously popular as Pusan. However, its official name today is Busan Metropolitan City. It is situated 190 kilometers away from the Japanese islands of Kyushu and Honshu. During the Japanese rule, Busan was turned into a trading port. It is also surrounded by Ulsan and South Gyeongsang, which are known to be the largest industrial areas in the country. This unique geographical positioning of Busan makes it an ideal place for residing, working and settling here. Thus today, Busan is being called home by more than 3.6 million people. In the year 2005, Busan hosted APEC. It was a venue to 2002 Asian Games and the FIFA world cup. This was possible because of the city’s excellent infrastructure and a deeply ingrained sense of urban organization. 

Due to its world-class ports, trading has become one of the essential economic factors that Busan dominates. The city’s economy shows statistics such as the service industry – around 70%, manufacturing industry – 20%, construction 6%, and agriculture/fisheries – 1%

It also has a number of higher education institutions, such as Busan University of Foreign Studies, Busan National University of Education and many others. 

Visa and air travel details – 

Traveling to Busan, South Korea, is very simple. Especially if your country has been categorized under ‘Visa on Arrival’. If your nationality does not come under ‘Visa on Arrival’, then you will have to apply for Visa in advance and follow through the Visa procedures and conditions.  With a confirmed return ticket, most western European countries, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and many more countries can avail Visa on arrival to Busan, South Korea. The tourist visa guarantees a permit period of 60 days upto 90 days. Usually, visitors are not allowed to extend their stay beyond the time period qualified by Visa. However, in case of health emergencies, there is a provision for extension. Some countries, for example, who need to apply for a visa before traveling to Busan, South Korea, are India and Nigeria.

The customs regulations state that visitors have to declare all plants, fruits, vegetables, and dairy bought with them. Meat and other such non-vegetarian edibles are not allowed without prior certification and approval.

There are several direct and non-direct flights to Busan, South Korea. Busan’s Gimhae International airport sees many flights on a regular basis. Singapore Airlines provides a one-stop flight to Busan. Similarly, Cathay Dragon Airways caters to a non-direct flight to Busan with one-stop in-between. Air India Airlines has non-direct flights to Busan with two pit stops. The price of the air tickets varies from INR 14000 upto INR 35000.

Experience Busan –

Once you have arrived at the Gimhae International airport, its time to get you a cozy nice hotel room or a lodge for your stay. There are various transport mediums you can make use of including the metro of Busan, cabs and city buses. The frequency of the buses and the metro is good. The transportation money is also nominal and inexpensive. There are guesthouses located close to Gwangalli beach and a 1-hour drive from the international airport. You can enjoy the facilities provided by the guesthouses that include a beachfront, shared kitchen, WiFi, Parking space, games and puzzles. There are also laundry services. 

From these guest houses, you can also indulge in activities such as UNESCO sites tour visit to Bulguk temple and Seokguram. This will cost you around $180. A quick visit to Gamcheon Culture Village will cost you around $150. During this visit, you can see the Songdo Skywalk, which is one of the biggest skywalks in South Korea. Try the mountain Hwangyeong Observatory, which will give you a bird’s view of the fantastic city that Busan is. 

There are several 7-star and 5-star hotels in the heart of Busan, that you can choose according to your budget. They provide excellent quality amenities such as Parking, Barber and beauty shop, WiFi, International money exchange, Casino, Family rooms, Breakfast in bed, Children’s playground, Airport shuttles, evening entertainment, Nightclub with a DJ, Sauna, fitness center, Newspapers, Safety deposit facilities, Sauna and Spa wellness center and both restaurant and bar. 

If you avail one of these hotels for your stay, do try to go on sightseeing at the seaside of Geoje – windy hill and Oedo island. Geoje is known as ‘treating others with kindness’. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations with its yellow beaches, temperate climate, naturally formed islands, and excellent natural beauty. You can walk around Oedo island to soak in the natural scenery and beauty of this place. You can spend hours at a time just getting to know this great beauty of nature. Also, be sure to check out Odeo Botania, which gives you a peek into natural and exquisite garden beauty. 

More of Busan -

A very good tourist attraction activity would be to visit the popular Beomeo Sa, a Buddhist temple. This temple’s architecture against the natural scenic background is a feast to the eyes. It is open on both weekdays and weekends. Although within the city, this temple is a beautiful small spiritual world by itself. 

If you are one of those who is thrilled by new foreign food, places, and culture, make sure you visit the Jagalchi fish market. A very popular fish market here in Busan, with a wide variety of fishes and seafood for sale. It is the best and largest fish market in the country. Make sure to shoot some of the catch for your food photography collection. 

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