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Flight to Angeles City (CRK)

The city of Angeles, or simply known as Angeles City is an urban city located in the Pampanga province. The city has a complex mixture of buildings, ranging from towering skyscrapers to historic buildings. The architecture of the buildings is largely influenced by American, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Malayan presence in the city’s history. It is located on the island of Luzon. Pampanga province is one of the seven provinces which make up the Central Luzon region. The Central Luzon is also known as the "Rice Granary of the Philippines" as the region produces the highest amount of rice in the country. Central Luzon is an important political and administrative center of the Philippines. The ‘City of Manila’ or more commonly known as Manila, is the capital city of the Philippines. It’s a densely populated city and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. With over 7600 islands in its territory, Philippines are blessed with rich natural resources and diverse wildlife biodiversity.  It is totally surrounded by vast oceans, such as the South China Sea, the Philippines Sea, and the Celebes Sea to name a few. It has one of the largest coastlines in the world, brimming with numerous fun-filled activities. Also, the nation boasts of some of the spectacular beaches of the world. With ancient monuments, dense forests, huge mountains, endemic traditions, indigenous culture, colorful festivals, and heritage towns, these tourist destinations attract close to six million tourists every year. The country is predominantly a Christian country and houses a significant number of Christian inhabitants, along with other ethnic groups. The country has several UNESCO heritage sites of cultural and biological importance. It has the world’s highest endemism rate for bird species, with an equally enriched flora and fauna. 

Tip: One can visit the country without a visa if their trip to the Philippines is for three weeks or less.

Getting to Angeles City

Clark International Airport is the international airport actively serving the Pampanga Province. It is located between Angeles and Mabalacat. A part of the airport is also handled by the Philippines Air Force. The airport handles both international and domestic flights to Angeles City. Cebu Pacific, China Eastern Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Korean Air are some of the major airline operators offering effective and cheap flights to Angeles City. The airport handles flights from Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul Incheon, Cebu, Macau, Doha, and other major destinations.

Angeles once served as a military airbase and was known as Clark Air Base. It was chiefly operated by the United States military and was once the largest United States military facility outside the United States. It played a crucial role in the Second World War and the Vietnam War by providing integral logistical and military support. However, the eruption of Mount Pinatubo led to the departure of the forces. Soon after this, the military base was transformed to serve as an international airport. And since then, Clark International Airport has been handling the air traffic of Pampanga province. 

Tip: It is advised to visit the help desk at the airport once you arrive to know more about the tourist destinations you want to visit.

The best of Angeles City to see and do

As Angeles City was once a large American military airbase, the city has been severely influenced by American, Japanese and Spanish cultures. One can find numerous historic buildings, memorials, and relics showcasing the American presence in the city’s history.

The city’s diversity shines through in its many contrasting neighborhoods. By exploring the city’s streets, you’ll discover beautiful design shops and handicraft markets, as well as a great variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes where one can experience the colorful nightlife coming into life with drinks and music.

Angeles City is known for its exotic festivals which typically happen round the year. La Naval Fiesta is one such festival wherein the Spanish fleets of Navy ships are honored for their patriotic service. If you want to take your taste buds on a crazy ride, then the Big Bite Northern Food Festival is the perfect destination. One can try an unlimited variety of Philippines cuisine served in over 100 stalls, all under one roof.

SM City Clark is a multi-story shopping plaza filled with fast food eateries, clothing stores, and play arenas. One could spend hours browsing through the shops and accessories and can buy memorable souvenirs for their loved ones.

The Santa Rosario Parish is one of the oldest churches in Pampanga province and reflects the architecture and culture of the Spanish era. One can just sit in the premises of this ancient building and be a part of the divine peace in yourself.

The Air Force City Park is a vast outdoor museum housing the gigantic metal birds which once reined the skies. There are numerous air force jets, propeller planes, and helicopters on display, which once served under the American flag during the war.

Fields Avenue is a famous street in Angeles City and is known to have the largest density of hotels in the Philippines. The street’s name can be traced to the times when the American presence was dominant in the city. It was previously known as Clark Field Avenue which subsequently evolved into Field Avenue. There is an array of restaurants and cafes, ranging from two-star hotels to luxurious hotels. Also, you can choose among the multiple varieties of cuisines present here: European, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Indian, Arabic, and many more.

Tip: Choose your place of accommodation close to the tourist destination you wish to visit to save time on traveling.

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