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Flight to Macau

A Special Administrative Region of China, Macau is world-famous for its night-life and casinos influenced by other cultures of the world. Macau, known as the ‘Vegas of China’, offers all the luxurious experiences of life, from the picturesque architecture, the rich culture, and heritage, to all the glamour. For a traveler who wants to explore the varieties and luxuries of life, a trip to this peninsular is a perfect getaway. 

Macau has been a Portuguese colony for over 300 years, and the views of the colonial-period buildings and Portuguese heritage make it a blend of influences from all over the world. The language, the cuisine, the temples, and architecture are excellent examples of this cultural blend. No matter how old you are, the experience you have and the connection you make with Macau will feel just right. The ancient Buddhist temples, scenic views from hilltop forts, old ruins and churches, and Portuguese style cafes make it more exciting for the tourists from around the world.  

It is a perfect example of a modern and metropolitan city. Macau makes for a one-stop destination for travelers of all kinds, with its the East meets West vibe. Macau has just everything to amaze you, from the world-famous casinos to the adventurous and fun Disneyland, it is a perfect spot to explore life entertainingly. From casinos, Grand Prix, luxury five-star hotels, to one of the world’s first fusion cuisine, architecture, historical sites, and pristine beaches.

Tip: For around 300 years Macau has been a Portuguese colony, and you can experience a perfect fusion of the Chinese and Portuguese culture in this city. 

Reaching Macau

Macau is served by Macau International Airport (MFM), which offers flights to and from Macau to any other destinations in the world. This airport, situated at the eastern end of Taipa island, is the busiest one and is convenient to get to the city. Most flights to Macau fly to this airport which is about 5 kilometers or 3 miles away from the main city of Macau without any traffic. If you are booking flights to Macau, then Macau International Airport is where you are likely to land. Most direct flights to Macau from any part of the world are directed towards this busiest airport. Air Macau is the most popular option for flights that fly to and from Macau and provide cheap flights from Macau. The popular airlines that provide flights to and from Macau are Air Macau, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, Philippine Airlines, China Airlines.

Tip: The Macau airport offers great transport facilities like public buses, limousine service, taxi service and free shuttle buses around Macau. 

Traveling around Macau

You must visit some of the most popular historical and cultural heritage spots in Macau, here you will get to experience the essence of the Portuguese era. Macau is popular for its grand casinos and some of them are amazingly beautiful that makes the travelers stop just to click pictures. The most popular one is Venetian Casino and then the Grand Lisboa along with the Galaxy. Among all, Venetian Casino is one of the world’s largest casino and hotel, that is modeled after Venice and has a big shopping mall within the hotel premises. And there is a real water canal with water flowing with boat rides. The mall is a paradise for shoppers filled with luxury brands and a wide variety of restaurants.

Ruins of St Paul is a famous world heritage site, located in Senado Square. The famous Travessa da Paixao also known as Love Lane, is located just beside this place. It was built in the 17th century and was destroyed in 1835 by a fire. And today, only the outer façade of the Church and St Paul’s college ruins remain. Take a stroll while soaking in the sunset views at Monte Fort. The beautiful and colorful buildings also make this a famous spot for tourists. 

One of Macau’s most popular attractions, Senado Square, is so picturesque and filled with many heritage sites, restaurants, shops, and souvenir stalls. The square is surrounded by colorful neo-classical buildings. This main square is always decorated and brimming with lights based on the season or festival of the month, boasting rich culture and traditions. 

Rua du Cunha is a famous street that serves delicious local cuisine and is named after a famous Portuguese explorer. This place has some of the finest cafes, restaurants, souvenirs and more in Macau. Another must-visit place is the Wine Museum, where one can try out over 100 brands of wine. You should also take a tour of the old Taipa villages to understand the traditional lifestyle of the place. 

Tip: Make sure you carry your passport or ID proof to enter Casinos even if you are staying at the hotel. Due to security reasons, you can be asked anytime to show your passport anywhere around the casinos.

Best Places to Stay, Dine and shop in Macau

The best place to stay in Macau is near Old Macau. If you are visiting for the first time, this is the best place to stay. If you want to experience the vibrant nightlife of the city, Cotai is the best option for accommodations. For budget travelers, old Macau is the perfect place to stay. If you want a luxury hotel or a hostel which is perfect for a budget trip, Macau will give you numerous options to pick from for your travel. There are all kinds of staying options available to suit your needs, from luxury hotels, spa resorts to casinos. The most famous ones include Venetian Casino, Galaxy, and the Grand Lisboa. For budget shopping, you can find some well-known local art and souvenir collections around the Cotai area. It is famous for its mouth-watering cuisine as well as fine-dine restaurants influenced by the city’s traditions. You can try Macanese delicacies which are highly influenced by the Chinese and Portuguese styles of cooking. Macau is truly an amazing experience for travelers of all ages. 

Tip: All shops and other outlets in Macau accept two currencies including the Hong Kong Dollar(HKD).

Macau is one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in the world. If you are searching for flights to and from Macau, visit where you can also find various offers on hotel and flight tickets. You can explore various attractions in this city including its rich cultural heritage, cuisine, art, and history.

Często zadawane pytania (FAQ) dot. lotów do miasta Macau

  • Jakie zasady dla podróżnych wprowadzono w mieście Makau w związku z pandemią COVID-19?

    Ograniczenia w podróżowania, grafiki lotów oraz odwołania są często aktualizowane i zmieniane. Jeśli planujesz podróż dla miasta Makau, uzyskaj najświeższe informacje u przewoźnika, u którego chcesz kupić bilety. Więcej informacji znajdziesz także w artykule COVID-19: Ograniczenia w podróżowaniu według krajów/regionów .
  • Którzy przewoźnicy oferują bezpłatną zmianę daty lotu do tego miasta w trakcie pandemii COVID-19?

    Żaden z przewoźników oferujących loty do tego miasta nie świadczy tej usługi. Informacja ta ma charakter poglądowy – zalecamy potwierdzenie jej u przewoźnika przed zarezerwowaniem biletów.
  • Ile średnio kosztuje bilet lotniczy na trasie Polska – Makau?

    Przeciętna cena biletu do miasta Makau wynosi 677 zł. Potraktuj tę cenę orientacyjnie.
  • Jak mogę rezerwować tańsze bilety?

    Możesz rezerwować tańsze loty w następujący sposób:
    • Szukaj biletów do miasta/lotniska w pobliżu Makau.
    • Sprawdź ofertę różnych przewoźników latających do miasta Makau.
    • Porównaj ceny wylotów w różnych dniach tego samego miesiąca.
    • Filtruj różne godziny wylotu w tym samym dniu.
    • Szukaj zniżek na profilach społecznościowych.
    • Odwiedzaj strony przewoźników w poszukiwaniu promocji i zniżek.
  • W którym miesiącu miasto Makau jest najchętniej odwiedzane?

    Wiedząc, kiedy zaczyna się, a kiedy kończy sezon turystyczny w mieście Makau, możesz łatwiej zaplanować podróż. września to najpopularniejszy miesiąc na wizytę w mieście Makau. Średnia cena lotów do miasta Makau w września wynosi 677 zł.
  • Kiedy loty do miasta Makau są najtańsze?

    Bilety lotnicze do miasta Makau są najtańsze w września, a przeciętna cena wynosi 677 zł.
  • What are some popular attractions in Macau?

    Macau has many attractions to offer: (1km from downtown) (1km from downtown) (1km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.