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Flight to Manila(MNL)

Manila is a lively city, and this exciting place is the capital city of Philippine. The heavy traffic, massive skyline, and complicated roads are challenging to first-time travelers. Most visitors often visit this city of the Philippines to explore this magnificent location. This city is named after the Duke of Orleans, who was a Regent for Louis XV. People here firmly believe that the three things that make life worth living are food, drink, and having fun. So, in New Orleans, you can be sure that you can find much to do. Now Manila has been much more urbanized and westernized than ever before. Colonial homes like Casa Manila, Santiago Fort Wall and luxurious palaces like Malacañang are where the visitors can discover the rich heritage of these places. Manila has all the galleries and museums that you would expect in this heritage city. Art is one of Manila's main interests and includes galleries such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Yuchengco Gallery. You can also travel within a short time to beaches such as Calatagan or Zambales.

Tip: The perfect time to trip to Manila when it is warm and dry from November to April.

Fly into Manila

The main airport that serves the city with daily international and local flights to Manila is Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL or NAIA). Ninoy Aquino handles over 42 million passengers annually and located around four and a half miles to the south of Manila. This airport is named after the assassination of Senator Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr. at the airport area in 1983. NAIA is the only airport officially operating in Manila. In fact, the Manila area is also served by NAIA and Clark International Airport, located in Pampanga. The airport is facilitated with three terminals and two runways. Now, more than 30 airlines provide service at Manila airport. It is also the base station and hub of Philippine Airlines, AirAsia Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air Arabia Airlines, Cebgo, Flybe Airlines many more that offer direct flights to Manila. There is a shuttle bus service linking all terminals for passengers reaching from flights at a different terminal. Customs and immigration clearance is required, which takes around 15 minutes. There are several bus routes from Manila Airport Terminals to the city center.   The Light Rail Transit (LRT) Network offers a safe and worthy journey to Manila. This airport is not only hosting the heaviest domestic traffic, but it is also prominently a primary gateway within Asia. Airport also offers amenities like banking and exchange services, post offices, shopping and restaurant, and a shopping mall and parking services onsite.

Tip: Don't get trapped in the airport scams and book shared transfer before you arrive.

Get around in Manila

Travelers can easily access the city center through the public and private means of transport available from Manila International Airport. There are nine routes outside the airport terminals for bus services. Travelers can also use busses to the different areas around Manila. In the city itself, most buses travel around Manila efficiently and inexpensively. The city is also widely served by rail networks with reasonable fare. Airport taxis are also available at the terminal which provides a reliable mode of transportation. One can rent a car and a cycle by providing valid ID proof.

Tip: Do not take a taxi to travel from one terminal to the other. The free shuttle is available from the terminal to the terminal at the airport. 

Must see places in Manila

Manila houses one of the world's biggest Chinatowns with all varieties of imported products. Towards the northern end of the bay, you can find a former Spanish walled town with various museums and ruins of the city and Manila Cathedral. The Baywalk, the Coconut Palace and the Mabini Shrine are some of the other attractions. Climbing a dizzy skyscraper in the city is an excellent way to get the best viewpoints of this vast metropolitan area.   Manila Ocean Park and SM Mall of Asia are unique places for Children. Divisoria is a shoppers' paradise where you can purchase everything from clothing to homemade decor. The shopping centres in the Greenbelt region of Makati and Greenhills are easily reachable in Singapore city. At the same time, the market is lively and full of exotic items, near the Black Nazarene Church and the Evangelist street float markets. Some of the top must-visit attractive places in Manila are listed below: 

National Museum: This large exhibition house contains the most important historical works and national histories of the country, including the paintings of the former Filipino artist Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo.

Fort Santiago: This Museum and Public Park is a stone fortress Completed at the turn of the 18th century and marks the beginning of the walled barricades on the banks of the river.

Robinsons Place Manila: Robinsons Place Manila is a 7-story shopping complex offering more than 1,000 local and international retail outlets, grocery shops, entertainment venues, and services.

Manila Ocean Park: Manila Ocean Park is one of the stunning marine theme parks with a variety of thrilling attractions, a magnificent view of the bay and displays of marine life, fun food and lifestyle types which turns into a holiday destination.

San Agustin Church: The museum and courtyard gardens have survived two fires and seven earthquakes and are one of the oldest large stone churches in the city. This museum has a large façade that covers a decorated interior full of historical and cultural artifacts.

Tips: Don’t forget to Check out the beautiful Pagsanjan Drop or take a Hilot Massage to relax.

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Często zadawane pytania (FAQ) dot. lotów do miasta Manila

  • Jakie zasady dla podróżnych wprowadzono w mieście Manila w związku z pandemią COVID-19?

    Ograniczenia w podróżowania, grafiki lotów oraz odwołania są często aktualizowane i zmieniane. Jeśli planujesz podróż dla miasta Manila, uzyskaj najświeższe informacje u przewoźnika, u którego chcesz kupić bilety. Więcej informacji znajdziesz także w artykule COVID-19: Ograniczenia w podróżowaniu według krajów/regionów .
  • Którzy przewoźnicy oferują bezpłatną zmianę daty lotu do tego miasta w trakcie pandemii COVID-19?

    Żaden z przewoźników oferujących loty do tego miasta nie świadczy tej usługi. Informacja ta ma charakter poglądowy – zalecamy potwierdzenie jej u przewoźnika przed zarezerwowaniem biletów.
  • Ile średnio kosztuje bilet lotniczy na trasie Polska – Manila?

    Przeciętna cena biletu do miasta Manila wynosi 1 918 zł. Potraktuj tę cenę orientacyjnie.
  • Jak długo trwa lot do miasta Manila?

    • Przelot na trasie Puerto Princesa – Manila trwa średnio 1 godzina 30 minuta.
    • Przelot na trasie Caticlan – Manila trwa średnio 1 godzina 10 minuta.
  • Jak mogę rezerwować tańsze bilety?

    Możesz rezerwować tańsze loty w następujący sposób:
    • Szukaj biletów do miasta/lotniska w pobliżu Manila.
    • Sprawdź ofertę różnych przewoźników latających do miasta Manila.
    • Porównaj ceny wylotów w różnych dniach tego samego miesiąca.
    • Filtruj różne godziny wylotu w tym samym dniu.
    • Szukaj zniżek na profilach społecznościowych.
    • Odwiedzaj strony przewoźników w poszukiwaniu promocji i zniżek.
  • W którym miesiącu miasto Manila jest najchętniej odwiedzane?

    Wiedząc, kiedy zaczyna się, a kiedy kończy sezon turystyczny w mieście Manila, możesz łatwiej zaplanować podróż. października to najpopularniejszy miesiąc na wizytę w mieście Manila. Średnia cena lotów do miasta Manila w października wynosi 1 918 zł.
  • Kiedy loty do miasta Manila są najtańsze?

    Bilety lotnicze do miasta Manila są najtańsze w października, a przeciętna cena wynosi 1 918 zł.
  • What are some popular attractions in Manila?

    Manila has many attractions to offer: The Post Office Building (1km from downtown) Nihongo Center Foundation, Inc (1km from downtown) daisy (1km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.

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