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Guiyang is located in the eastern part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and is surrounded by mountains and waters. There are even hills and forests in the city, making Guiyang known as a “city of forests.” Within the city, Qianling Mountain is quiet and has giant ancient trees, allowing tourists to feel the fresh atmosphere of nature in the city center. The Huaxi Wetland Park on the south side is known for its beauty, and is an uncommon type of beautiful scenery on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.

Even during the hottest time in the summer, the average temperature is only 24°C, which makes Guiyang a famous summer resort in southwestern China. In the winter, it’s not particularly cold either, and traveling in winter is more than comfortable. In addition, because there are mountains and plenty of trees in the city, the air is fresh and moist, making Guiyang a very habitable place.

If you come to Guiyang, you can’t miss out on the food. Guiyang is home to night markets on Hequn Road and Shaanxi Road, and together with those on Er’qi Road, Bo’ai Road, and Qingyun Road, many local favorites can be sampled. Guiyang's cuisine mainly features spicy and sour dishes. There are plenty of tourist attractions surrounding Guiyang, such as Qingyan Ancient Town, Hongfeng Lake, Nanjiang Grand Canyon, and other famous natural scenic areas. Even more awaits you if you go further. On the east side of Guiyang is the Miao Village and terraces in Qiandongnan. To the west is the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun, and to the north is the former revolutionary base in Zunyi. Tourists who visit Guizhou can first arrive in Guiyang and choose their favorite travel route.

Guiyang has a typical sub-tropical climate and is warm and humid without strong summer heat. Spring, summer, and autumn are all suitable seasons for travel, and Guiyang an excellent place to escape from the summer heat, especially in July. Although winters in Guiyang are not very cold, many outdoor activities will be temporarily paused and farmhouses will shut down during this time. Therefore, it is not recommended to visit Guiyang at this time unless you are fond of folk customs, as there are still many ethnic festivals held in the winter.

As the capital city of Guizhou Province, there are many hotels in Guiyang. However, prices of hotels in Guiyang are known to be relatively high, as the city is home to many high-end hotels and few economical ones. In recent years, many boutique hotels have opened for business as well. Guiyang Airport is very close to the city with convenient transportation, so if you need to transfer, it’s not necessary to stay at a hotel near the airport.

In the south of the city center near the train station, the Jiaxiu Building and Cuiwei Garden can be found. The main train station and bus station are both located here. The area is central and convenient, but the environment relatively noisy. There are mainly budget hotels in this area, though there are also quite a few boutique hotels a little further away. On Qianling Mountain, there are forests, lakes, ancient monuments, and even monkeys. The north of the city is close to the city government, and there are also shopping centers and various snack bars. The environment is quiet and it is the location of many resort hotels.

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