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Tanie loty do Yangon

Masz na myśli Loty z miasta Yangon?

Często zadawane pytania (FAQ) dot. lotów do miasta Yangon

  • Jakie zasady dla podróżnych wprowadzono w mieście Jangon w związku z pandemią COVID-19?

    Ograniczenia w podróżowania, grafiki lotów oraz odwołania są często aktualizowane i zmieniane. Jeśli planujesz podróż dla miasta Jangon, uzyskaj najświeższe informacje u przewoźnika, u którego chcesz kupić bilety. Więcej informacji znajdziesz także w artykule COVID-19: Ograniczenia w podróżowaniu według krajów/regionów .
  • Którzy przewoźnicy oferują bezpłatną zmianę daty lotu do tego miasta w trakcie pandemii COVID-19?

    Żaden z przewoźników oferujących loty do tego miasta nie świadczy tej usługi. Informacja ta ma charakter poglądowy – zalecamy potwierdzenie jej u przewoźnika przed zarezerwowaniem biletów.
  • Ile średnio kosztuje bilet lotniczy na trasie Polska – Jangon?

    Przeciętna cena biletu do miasta Jangon wynosi 238 zł. Potraktuj tę cenę orientacyjnie.
  • Jak mogę rezerwować tańsze bilety?

    Możesz rezerwować tańsze loty w następujący sposób:
    • Szukaj biletów do miasta/lotniska w pobliżu Jangon.
    • Sprawdź ofertę różnych przewoźników latających do miasta Jangon.
    • Porównaj ceny wylotów w różnych dniach tego samego miesiąca.
    • Filtruj różne godziny wylotu w tym samym dniu.
    • Szukaj zniżek na profilach społecznościowych.
    • Odwiedzaj strony przewoźników w poszukiwaniu promocji i zniżek.
  • W którym miesiącu miasto Jangon jest najchętniej odwiedzane?

    Wiedząc, kiedy zaczyna się, a kiedy kończy sezon turystyczny w mieście Jangon, możesz łatwiej zaplanować podróż. styczeń to najpopularniejszy miesiąc na wizytę w mieście Jangon. Średnia cena lotów do miasta Jangon w styczeń wynosi 238 zł.
  • Kiedy loty do miasta Jangon są najtańsze?

    Bilety lotnicze do miasta Jangon są najtańsze w styczeń, a przeciętna cena wynosi 238 zł.
  • What are some popular attractions in Yangon?

    Yangon has many attractions to offer: SWING High Definition Golf (1km from downtown) Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha (1km from downtown) First Thai Spa (1km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.
Flights to Yangon (RGN)

Myanmar’s most exciting and glamorous city, Yangon finds its mention in every destination magazine and hot travel website. Through its artistic and cultural rejuvenation of the city, since it reopened its doors, Yangon truly signifies the vivacious energy of the country in itself. Tall standing architectural giants to street style vendors, Yangon has a diverse cultural uprising that lets it dabble in concrete as well as paper. With some of the most fascinating architectural setups, Yangon is said to have the largest number of colonial-era buildings in Southeast Asia. Myanmar’s largest city is also its most visited, toured and liked among many destinations in Southeast Asia.

Whether its residency or commercial hotspots, Yangon flourishes as Myanmar’s most populous and most important commercial center. Located at the convergence of Yangon and Bago rivers, the city of Yangon is almost 30 kilometers from the strait of Martaban. This vibrant city is an avenue for businesses around the world. Apart from this, the city is also infamous for its fin-de-siècle architecture. With a perfect balance between apartment buildings and condominiums, the city of Yangon also boasts of a happy population of over 7 million people.

The city of Yangon which was also popularly known as Rangoon earlier is one of Myanmar's most attractive and lucrative destinations. It attracts tourists from around the world. This in turn makes flights to Yangon a rather frequent phenomenon from most of the major hotspots around the world. Most flights land in its infamous international airport, the Yangon international airport which also serves as the primary and busiest airports of Myanmar.

Tip: Dont forget to visit the beautiful pagoda’s in Yangon, it’s called the “ city of golden pagoda’s” for a reason.

Reaching Yangon

The city of Yangon is situated in the southern part of Myanmar on the east bank of the Yangon river. The city stands approximately 25 miles north of the Gulf of Martaban of the Andaman sea. More commonly known as the exotic Rangoon, this city is relatively close to some of the most well known Asian destinations in the world. Its neighboring countries involve India, China, Bangladesh, etc. When it comes to intra-regional travel within Yangon and Myanmar, the Burmese trishaw is the way to go when it comes to traveling within these places. A unique rickshaw or bicycle driven carriage, this trishaw serves as a local transportation medium.

There are a number of direct flights to Yangon. Its neighboring countries as well as middle eastern nations. Apart from this, there are a number of connecting cheap flights to Yangon from all over the world.The Yangon international airport receives a number of international, regional as well as domestic flights. The primary international airport for Myanmar is also one of the busiest.

A predominantly Buddhist country, this destination attracts a lot of philosophy fanatics from around the world including western America, Europe, Africa, etc.

There are a number of Asian as well as international airlines that fly into Yangon from various parts of the world. Some of the most common aircraft carriers that land at the Yangon international airport include- Air Asia, Air China, Pacific airlines, Air India, etc.The city of wondrous sites and exciting opportunities hosts over 4.36 million tourists annually.

Tip:There are no elevators for most residential buildings and those with elevators are known as condominiums.

Discovering Yangon

The city of golden pagoda’s is one of the most culturally vibrant and pleasing cities across the lands of Myanmar.With a transcending spirit of hospitality and a vivacious energy radiated by the inhabitants, Yangon is the perfect holiday destination for many across the globe. If you share the love of rich, exquisite and scintillating historical and cultural views and monuments, Yangon is one place you simply can not skip out on.Whether its the traditional “thupkas” or the mesmerizing gold pagodas, the city of Yangon never fails to disappoint. Here are some of the most attractive hotspots within the city of Yangon.

1.National Museum of Myanmar

The most important museum in Myanmar which is a collection of carefully curated historical artifacts dealing with art, culture and history. Home to the original and the only surviving lion throne of the Burmese monarchs, this museum boasts of a collection that is priceless in modern-day trade and commerce. This five-storied museum is no less than an adventure through the timeless past of the Burmese. The museum remains closed on Mondays and public holidays. The timings for the same are - 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

2.The Shwedagon Paya 

Considered the most sacred Buddhist site, the Shwedagon Paya is one of the most beautiful and exquisite gilded stupa in Myanmar and around the world. From having real gold instated carvings as well as thousands of encrusted diamonds, it makes it one of the most priceless possessions of Myanmar. Pay your respects at the gilded stupa to be a part of a tranquil and mesmerizing experience. 

3. Visit the Bogyoke Aung San market

This is an infamous culturally authentic market located in central Yangon. The market is spotted with colonial architecture and draped with cobblestone streets. It is a major tourist destination that has a collection of Burmese jewelry shops and handicrafts, the market is also sprawling with unique and edgy art galleries with carefully curated paintings and sculptures.

4.Stroll along the Inya Lake

An infamous Yangonite destination for recreational activities, the Inya Lake is the largest lake in Myanmar. Along the serene waters and the tranquil backdrop, the lake is a perfect spot for a relaxing day. Away from all the chaos the city lake is truly a mesmerizing place to be around.

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