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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It leans against the Sintra Mountains in the north and the Tejo River in the south, making it the westernmost city on the European continent. The old city is built on 7 hills, making it known for its hilly terrain. In Lisbon, old churches and monuments towers over countless houses, creating an architectural style that is reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The new urban area is filled with modern buildings, and among them, the Expo Park is a good place for relaxation. You can also visit the nearby town of Sintra and go back to the old days of the Portuguese Republic, go to the westernmost corner or the city, Cabo da Roca.

The city of Lisbon is divided into seven major tourist areas. Liberty Avenue, Bairro Alto, Baixa and Alfama districts are all in the center of the city. Attractions are concentrated and you can explore them on foot. The Belem area in the west has a lot of legacy left from the era of great navigation. In the north area known as the New City, you can visit art galleries, parks, and zoos. Traveling along the Tejo River to the west is the best way to visit the riverside area.

Avenida da Liberdade and nearby the Pombal Marquis Plaza are the highest-end neighborhoods in Lisbon. Banks, designer stores and high-class hotels are gathered near the square which has a strong commercial atmosphere. Liberty Avenue is very wide and shops are located on both sides of it, bordering the delicately laid stone sidewalks.

Bairro Alto is a high-lying area of Lisbon where visitors can go and check out panoramic views of the city. The old-style buildings here are dense, old, and more spacious than the old city in the east. This high area is the base for Lisbon’s nightlife and is quite popular during the weekends. The Carmo Convent, the Church of St. Roc, and the Temple of Estrela are all important places of worship. At dusk, you can climb the San Pedro Alcantara Observation Deck to enjoy the view of the mountains in the afterglow.

Baixa extends roughly from Rossio Square to the commercial plaza along the Tejo River. You can enjoy feeding pigeons at Rossio Square, or you can overlook southwest part of the city at the Carmo Convent in the high region. Take the Santa Justa Lift for easy access to the high hills. Augusta Street is a walker's paradise with crowded streets, restaurants, and cafés.

Alfama is the oldest block in Lisbon as well as an area that survived a major earthquake. There are many attractions in this area which is made up of a labyrinth of lanes and alleys. Within a few steps, you’ll always seem to run into a slope or a stone stairway. The journey starts from the Lisbon Cathedral on the bend. Next, walk through the street to the high point of St. Regis Castle - this is the best place to view sunsets.

Lisbon has a typical Mediterranean climate. Most of the year is sunny and the average temperature is between 10°C and 25°C. The weather is suitable for tourism all year round, though the period from May to October is regarded as the best time to travel to Lisbon. Spring comes early in Lisbon when compared to other European countries, but the temperature fluctuations at that time are relatively large. In March and April when there is rainy weather, it’s a good idea to bring rain gear. Summers are hot and dry and sometimes the temperature surpasses 35°C. Therefore, remember to protect yourself against the sun if you plan to be outside for long periods of time. The temperature in autumn is mild and the air is fresh. Like spring, it is also a good time to travel. There is plenty of rain in the winter, but not much snowfall. The average annual temperature is around 17°C.

Lisbon has both five-star hotels and unique family inns, both with a wide range of options and facilities. The area near Rossio Square is the central area for accommodation. There are many restaurants and shops and most tourists choose to stay there. The Alfama district is the oldest in the city and home to many bustling marketplaces. The northern New City has two important stadiums and some large shopping malls. This makes it a good place for fans of soccer and shopping to stay. Families visiting Lisbon can check out the Parque das Nacoes area. There’s great scenery there and the Ocean Park can be reached easily. There are plenty of hotels in Lisbon, so choose one that best suits your plans.

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