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The city of Changsha was home to a number of historical figures such as Zeng Guofan and Zuo Zongtang, who once studied at Yuelu Academy and saved the Qing Empire. At Yuelu Mountain, you’ll find the burial sites of the generals Huang Xing and Cai E. Hunan TV in also based in Changsha. From “Super Girl”, which made Li Yuchun and Zhang Liangying famous, to “Happy Camp” and “Divas Hit the Road”, it has provided countless entertaining programs. Changsha’ airport has thus become a place to encounter many celebrities.

The Yuelu Mountain on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River and the Yuelu Academy in the mountains are undoubtedly the most famous landmarks in Changsha. They are must visit places for travelers to Changsha. In recent years, Orange Island in the Xiangjiang River has also become quite popular. The statue of young Mao Zedong in the Orange Island Park is a popular place for tourists to take pictures. Taiping Street in the downtown area, Huogong Palace, Tianxin Pavilion and Kaifu Temple on Pozi Street are all well-known attractions. The Hunan Museum houses the famous corpse of Mawangdui. The former residences of famous figures in the suburbs and the suburban counties surrounding Changsha are well-preserved, such as the former residence of Liu Shaoqi in Huaminglou Town of Ningxiang County, the former residence of Yang Kaihui in Changsha County, and the former residence of Hu Yaobang in Liuyang City. They are not as visited as some of the other attractions due to their distance from the urban areas.

Autumn is the best season to visit Changsha and it’s also the most popular time for tourists due to the comfortable temperature. In late autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful red leaves on Yuelu Mountain, or visit Orange Island. Changsha is very hot in the summer, and the temperatures generally start to get warm and humid around the time of the Dragon Boat Festival. Both spring and winter are also good times to visit. Spring in Changsha begins in mid-February. In the winter of late November, the average temperature is around 5°C. Sometimes it will snow, and you can see ice on the mountains.

As a prosperous provincial capital, hotels in Changsha range from five-star hotels to ordinary ones. High-end hotels in Changsha are mostly located near Wuyi Road. Xiangjiang River divides the urban area of Changsha into two parts, Hexi and Hedong. Hexi area includes Yuelu Mountain, Hunan University, and other colleges. Hedong area is the city center of Changsha. The bustling commercial areas, major attractions, and airports are all located in Hexi. The traffic is convenient and it is very lively. It is also a great area for shopping.

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